Solar Simulator

LED-Based AAA Solar Simulator with Single Wavelength Control



SIM-1030 is a high performance solar simulator with 16 cm x 16 cm uniform area, suitable for measurement of small cells as well as module size cells. The light source is a full-LED long-life lamp, composed of multiple LEDs with different wavelengths, covering the spectral range of 380 nm – 1000 nm. The lamp can be positioned in any direction for top, down or side illumination.  The solar simulator works on manual mode, as well as PC control mode. In manual mode simple AM1.5 illumination is provided by the lamp. For PC control mode, fractions of AM1.5 illumination is possible. Besides, with single LED adjustment one can do spectral responsivity tests at different wavelengths.



  • Full-LED long-life light source
  • AAA class solar simulator
  • 1 Sun- 1.0 Sun variable light intensity
  • Spectral range 380 nm- 1000 nm
  • Manual as well as PC control modes
  • Top, down or side illumination
  • 16 cm x 16 cm uniform illumination area
  • Suited for solar cells as well as photo-electrochemical cells
  • Single wavelength illumination for spectral tests


SIM-1030 Technical Specifications



Light source

Multiple LED source

Wavelength range

380-1000 nm

Non-uniformity of irradiance

< 2% (Class A)

Spectral match

< 5% (Class A+)

Temporal instability 

< 0.5% (Class A)

Calibration cell

Calibrated silicon cell

Direction of illumination

Top, down or side

Main box  size  (l × w × h)

40 cm  × 40 cm × 50 cm

Sample box features

mechanical jack (height adjustment), cooling fan

Sample box size (l × w × h)

40 cm  × 40 cm × 25 cm

PC connection

USB 2.0

Operation modes

Manual/ PC control

Software control modes

Lamp intensity adjustment

Single LED adjustment

Lamp intensity adjustment

0.1 Sun- 1.0 Sun

Spectrum Filters

Virtual filters:  >900 nm and >850 nm

Temperature sensor

On LED heat sink, temperature displayed in software

Thermal Protection

Heat sink temperature

Input power

100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 500 W


20 Kg


How It Works:

The LED solar simulator is based on a lamp comprising multiple LEDs with different wavelengths, forming together a spectrum similar to AM1.5 solar light. The advantage of LED solar simulators is the high stability of LEDs compared to Xe arc lamps, as well as the possibility to tune the spectrum, change intensity or use single wavelength light.

In SIM-1030 the design of the LED lamp allows high spectral matching, as well as excellent uniformity and temporal stability of light. A highly optimized electronics guarantees stable and maintenance-free operation of the device.

In a typical configuration (figure), a laboratory jack inside the sample box is used to adjust the height of the solar cell sample. To measure and adjust the light intensity at the solar cell sample, a calibrated silicon cell (supplied together with the solar simulator) is placed near or at the position of sample. The advantage of using sample box is that it blocks the light from outside (important for low intensity measurements or single LED measurements). The cooling fan on the sample box prevents over-heat of the solar cell samples.


The solar simulator can be easily placed at different sides, so that it is possible to illuminate the sample at different directions. As shown in the figure, in the top illumination, the sample can be placed on top of the window plate. Side illumination is possibly best suited for photoelectrochemical cells that require illumination on the electrode.




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